Sarah’s Writing

I was six when I decided that I was going to be a writer. Even then people were telling me that another career choice might be safer or more stable. “Safe” and “stable” rapidly became something akin to a swear in my linguistic arsenal. And my plays contain little of either.

‚ÄčI write colorful dialogue spoken by contrary characters set in hyper-realistic worlds. I have been told that the strength of my plays lies in the perpetual possibility of danger and violence without the cliches that normally accompany such situations. I think this is because I love my characters without reservation, and if I am going to hurt them, I want to make sure their pain serves a purpose.

Because in their pain, we see what makes us hurt ourselves, and each other, and can begin to develop a salve to soothe those wounds.

Dramatic Storytelling

Sarah enjoys all manner of visual storytelling but she focused her education on Writing for the Screen and Stage.
In 2015 she earned her Masters in Fine Arts in these mediums:



10-30 minute shorts, and full-length feature film scripts available for perusal and development


TV: Drama and Comedy

Pilot scripts for new development, as well as 30 minute comedy and hour long dramatic spec scripts.


Stage Plays

10 Minute Plays, One Act Plays, and Full Length Playscripts available for perusal and production.

Request a Reading Copy…

Email Sarah for an excerpt, read-only script, or to request a full set of production scripts.